Jul 012007

ladysoniapantyhose.jpgTake a look at these clips from ‘Rowena & Pantyhose’, where Lady Sonia’s friend Rowena gets a good fucking in her ripped hose, in gallery 1, gallery 2, gallery 3.

Lady Sonia’s recent video release in the past week is the excellent ‘Forced to Orgasm Repeatedly’, where her Ladyship enjoys being masturbated and made to cum by two handsome doctors with big cocks!

The two doctors, one black one white, undo Sonia’s dress as she lies on the examination couch, ankles bound by a nylon stocking and another tied to her wrists. As her dress is pulled back we see she is wearing seamed nylons and a wide, black garter belt. Lady Sonia moans as the two doctors move their hands over her supine body and thighs, massaging her cunt to get her wet. Lady Sonia moans and writhes on the couch in pleasure as the two doctors use vibrators on her tits and clit, slowly building up her inevitable orgasm. Eventually her Ladyship reaches her climax and she cums in an extended orgasm, which her doctors help her sustain by continuous stimulation of her clitoris.

In the next scene Lady Sonia is lying down, stockinged legs open, being penetrated and pleasured by her fucking machine. The machine is doing a great job judging by the sounds Sonia is making and she fingers her clit at the same time to help herself along. Meanwhile, the two doctors wank their erect cocks, as they watch her Ladyship get a pounding from the relentless machine which brings her to another climax.

Next scene, Lady Sonia is siting up and giving the oral treatment to each doctor as they stand either side. Sonia sucks and wanks them, a cock in each hand. Finally the two doctors wank their cocks over Sonia – the black doctor shooting his cum over her tits and the other doctor jetting thick, white spunk into Sonia’s open mouth. The spunk dribbles and hangs down Lady Sonia’s chin and she plays with the remaining strands of cum dangling from the doctors’ cocks and rubbing it into her cleavage.

Click here to see the sample clip from ‘Forced to Orgasm Repeatedly’.

Jun 012007

Time for me to tell you about the latest video updates at Lady Sonia. But first I have some clips from ‘The Young Stud & The Housewife’, featuring Rowena in ff-nylons, garter-belt and black lace panties.

Rowena turned up at Lady Sonia’s wearing a pair of black see-through lace panties and seamed stockings, as she was looking for some fun with Jon, the stable hand. The lad was in for a treat as he just loves the ladies in their stockings and he showed Rowena his appreciation by giving her the fuck she deserved. Jon fucked her good and proper with his long prick and Rowena came hard over and over again. ‘The Young Stud & The Housewife’ can be seen in gallery 1, gallery 2, gallery 3 and downloaded from the members area of Lady Sonia.

Another of Lady Sonia’s friends, Sandi came over the other week to try out her Ladyship’s favourite black stud, as seen in ‘Sandie & The Black Stud’.

Sandie joined the stud, who was lying naked on the bed in Lady Sonia’s studio and lifted up her dress to reveal she was wearing chocolate coloured ff-stockings, a wide garter belt and no knickers. She lay back with her stockinged legs wide open and the stud went to work on her cunt, licking her slit with his long tongue and nibbling her clitoris with his lips.

‘That’s it, tease my pussy’, she said, as he expertly tongued and nibbled at her gaping sex hole. When Sandie was totally turned on she mounted the black stud and lowered herself on to his long shaft, riding up and down on it until her juices were flowing out of her.

They changed positions and the stud pounded her snatch from behind, slamming his cock deep into her and making his balls slap against her cunt with each meaty stroke. His thrusting cock made Sandie climax over and over as he fucked her hard, just the way she wanted.

Finally, Sandie took hold of his stiff cock in her hand and gave it a good hard tug. She moved her hand quickly up and down the shaft, using fast strokes and with her tongue lapping the underside of his cock he ejaculated thick white spunk into her mouth.

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May 012007

Exciting news at Lady Sonia as she has recently installed a fucking machine in her ‘sex therapy clinic’. For her very first machine video ‘Fucking Machine Orgasms’ she has done another of her ‘one to one’ videos, where she speaks directly to her members as if she were giving them an intimate, private session. You’ll find Sonia likes to talk dirty in her posh English accent throughout these ‘one to one’ videos, which makes those filthy words she utters sound even more exciting.

In ‘Fucking Machine Orgasms’ Sonia lets us watch as she sucks on the realistic looking cock attached to the end of the machines extended arm. As she licks it, she asks us to ‘watch her cum first’ and then ‘fuck her’ later when the machine is doing her in the same way.

Firstly, Sonia lays back and masturbates with a vibrator, rubbing it over her clitoris until she cums with a very vocal orgasm. Then she sets the machine in motion and lets us watch as it penetrates her hairy cunt and fucks her until she climaxes hard. Sample clips from ‘Fucking Machine Orgasms’ can be seen in gallery 1, gallery 2 and is available to download from her fetish-video-empire area.

Apr 012007

soniagirdle.jpgLady Sonia loves a black cock and in ‘While The Husbands Away’ she takes the opportunity to enjoy some big cock fun with one of her well endowed studs.

Dressed in her white girdle, seamed fully-fashioned nylon stockings and heels, Sonia rubs this guys enormous 10 inch cock over and around her stonkingly hard nipples. Then her Ladyship gets down to giving him the oral treatment and you can hear just how much Lady Sonia is enjoying herself as she slurps on this big black piece of man meat. While the stud massages Lady Sonia’s cunt and asshole with his firm masculine hands, she sits astride his chest and jerks him off until he ejaculates copious amounts of thick white sperm. You can hear Lady Sonia cum hard at the same time as the stud’s spunk spurts out of his cockhead and his cum juice spills down over her fist as it grasps his enormous shaft.

‘While The Husbands Away’ has just been released, so here are some video samples in gallery 1, gallery 2, gallery 3, gallery 4 and another sample can be found in the Lady Sonia Updates. Members can access all of her videos and images which can be fully downloaded, including those of her bonus sites, making Lady Sonia the UK’s most popular erotic website enjoyed by thousands of men, women and couples.

Mar 162007

ladysonia.jpgTime for an mid-month update from Lady Sonia, starting with some clips from ‘Tit-fucked & Sprayed with Cum’.

Lady Sonia invited one of the young builders she had flirted with over one afternoon up to her studio apartment for some fun. Her Ladyship stripped down to her stockings and garter-belt, though she noticed his eyes were absolutely fixed on her heaving tits which were almost spilling out of her low-cut woolen top. The builder quickly undressed and revealed that his cock was already erect, no doubt with anticipation of Lady Sonia’s oral expertise and what was about to happen.

Sitting on the couch, Sonia took the builder’s thick penis into her mouth and soon they were both in a sixty-nine position, where he licked and fingered her Ladyship’s hot cunt and sucked on her sensitive, long nipples. The guy was extremely excited and enthusiastic about taking his pleasure from her Ladyship, letting his rough hands probe and handle her body, though she thoroughly enjoyed giving herself to the muscular and tattooed workman.

Eventually she let him rub his cock in the cleft of her ample cleavage and spray his pent up sperm over her breasts. See more of ‘Tit-fucked & Sprayed with Cum’ in gallery 1, gallery 2, gallery 3 and gallery 4 or download the full video from the members area.

More recently Lady Sonia has released ‘While My Husband Waits Downstairs’. Almost ready to go out with her husband who is waiting downstairs, Lady Sonia gets a quick fuck from her black stud. Dressed in her white open bottomed girdle and black fully-fashioned stockings, her ladyship enjoys a thrilling fuck from her black lover and his big cock. The very idea that her husband Charles is downstairs while she enjoys and quickie turns her on all the more. ‘While My Husband Waits Downstairs’ is another superb fuck in girdle and stockings video, which you can see an sample of in the updates at Lady Sonia.

Mar 012007

It’s already March and time for more updates from Lady Sonia. First I have sample clips from ‘Cuckoldress Pounded Hard’, which I spoke about earlier. This is another of Lady Sonia’s ‘full penetration’ videos and is one of my personal favourites. If you enjoy seeing a lady being fucked in her girdle and stockings then take a look at gallery 1, gallery 2 and gallery 3, then download the entire video at Lady Sonia.

Lady Sonia is fond of giving her friends the opportunity to try out some of her studs and recently she paired up Rebecca with her adventurous young stable hand Jon. It didn’t take a lot of persuading to get Rebecca in front of the camera as she had the hots for the handsome lad. Once she had released his stiff cock from his trousers she gobbled it eagerly in her mouth and in an sixty-nine position on the couch she positioned her moist pantyhose crotch close to his face. Then kneeling with her pantyhose pulled down around her thighs, Jon thrust his cock into her hungry wet cunt and shafted Rebecca good and hard, the way she wanted it. See a sample of ‘Pantyhose Wife Ridden Hard’ in the updates at Lady Sonia.

Also of interest to pantyhose lovers and fetish fans, Lady Sonia has recently added ‘Pantyhose & Penetration’ into the Fetish-Video-Empire area. This is where her Ladyship’s assistant dominatrix Kaia, dressed in light coloured pantyhose, teases a guy’s cock with her feet as he is strapped to the bench. Then once he is close to cumming she gives him the relief he needs.

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Feb 012007

Time for February’s updates, but first 12 sample clips from ‘Anonymous Hard Penetration’, where her Ladyship enjoys some anonymous big cock fun at the glory hole in gallery 1, gallery 2, gallery 3, gallery 4.

More recent video releases include ‘Cuckoldress Pounded Hard’. While Lady Sonia waited for her husband Charles to return she decided to have some fun with her new stable hand John. She had already seen the fabulous pounding that John had given her friend Vienna a few weeks ago, so thought that it was her turn to get a good pounding from the handsome lad. Her Ladyship took him to one of the bedrooms, stripped off to reveal she was wearing her white girdle and black stockings, then let him fuck her good and hard. Sitting astride the young man dressed in her tight girdle and stockings, Lady Sonia bounced up and down on his cock until she came with an orgasm that made her shudder. ‘Cuckoldress Pounded Hard’ is now available in the Premier Video Library and a sample trailer can be found here in the updates.

In ‘Shall We Cum Together’ Lady Sonia invites you to join her for a private masturbation session. The very idea of her members wanking along with her, really turns her Ladyship on. She made this ‘one-to-one’ video specially for them, as she thought it might be a lot of fun to help each other cum together. Lying on the bed with her stocking clad legs open wide, she opens her cunt flaps with her fingers and lets us have a good look while she masturbates. Talking all the while and encouraging us to join in, she shows how she likes to masturbate with one of her favourite dildos and a vibrator. ‘Shall We Cum Together’ is an erotic and intimate video where you get to spend some quality time with Lady Sonia. I highly recommend it and you can see a trailer of ‘Shall We Cum Together’ in the updates here at Lady Sonia.

Lady Sonia’s site is made up of several areas, the main one’s being the Premier Video Library, Fetish Video Empire and her Fetish Office (photos). She has an extensive archive of high quality images and videos which go back years and you can access them all for download today. Join her and all her legions of satisfied members at Lady Sonia, the UK’s premier fetish site.

Jan 012007

Time for more updates at Lady Sonia, but first see her in this video gallery here, with clips from “Let Me Show You My Clitoris”, a solo video where her Ladyship gets intimate for you during her private masturbation session.

Recent video updates of interest are “The Cuckoldress & The Black Stud”. Lady Sonia’s husband Charles was away (as usual) so she invited her favourite black stud over for an afternoon of hardcore fucking. Dressed in a latex, multi strapped garter-belt and expensive ff-nylons, Lady Sonia enjoyed a good fucking from her big cocked black stud, in this unedited video footage of their encounter. This is another superb Lady Sonia ‘full penetration’ video which will delight all of you who enjoy seeing a lady fucked in her stockings. A sample video clip of “The Cuckoldress & The Black Stud” can be seen here in the updates area.

Also of interest to stockings and Femdom fans in particular are “Riding The Slaves Tongue” and “Teased & Denied For Fun”, which are to be found in the Fetish-Video-Empire area available to members only. Both of these videos feature Lady Sonia dressed in stockings and teasing her slaves erections with her legs and feet.

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Dec 162006

Time for the mid-month updates from Lady Sonia, but first here are 12 sample clips from “Triple Drenched In Sperm”, featuring Lady Sonia dressed in her seamed, ff-stockings and garter belt, entertaining three big cocked studs one afternoon. These three lads give her Ladyship a real good time in this movie, which climaxes with them shooting their spunk all over her tits and clothes, until she is covered in cum. Lots of cock sucking and cunt licking in “Triple Drenched In Sperm”, samples of which are in in gallery 1, gallery 2, gallery 3, gallery 4.

Lady Sonia continues to produce some of the finest stocking fetish, masturbation and hardcore movies and recent releases continue to explore the medical theme with “Night Nurse Sprayed With Cum”, another of her ‘one-to-one’ videos. This time Lady Sonia wants to cover your cock with cream, then lick it off, before she goes to work with both of her hands, mouth and tongue until you are on the edge of cumming! Then she will pump your cock until you can no longer hold back and allow you to spray your hot thick cum all over her naked breasts. Let Lady Sonia be your naughty nurse in “Night Nurse Sprayed With Cum” and begin by viewing her sample clip here in the updates area.

One of Lady Sonia’s lady friends Vienna, came over the other week to have a little fun with one of her Ladyship’s virile young studs. Vienna does not really find sexual satisfaction with her husband and she was desperate for a fuck. As her husband was away on business, Lady Sonia arranged for her to meet up with John, one of the stable lads who has a keen interest in the older woman. She really enjoyed her encounter with this virile stable lad and he fucked her good and proper, making her orgasm many times over. Then he finished off by shooting his spunk into her mouth, something she had never allowed her husband to do, but on this occassion she was feeling so slutty she wanted to taste this stud’s sperm. Lady Sonia videoed their encounter and you can see a sample of “Trophy Wife Pounded Hard” here in the video updates.

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Dec 012006

Time for December’s Lady Sonia updates, but first here are 12 video sample clips from “Panty Slave Ridden”. In this video Lady Sonia gags and straps one of her slaves to the bed, teases him, then gives him the full masturbatrix treatment. Having brought the guy almost to the point of ejaculation, Lady Sonia then mounts the slave and rides his huge erect cock in her fully fashioned stockings, garter belt and heels. See excerpts from “Panty Slave Ridden” in gallery 1, gallery 2, gallery 3, gallery 4 and the complete movie in the Fetish-Video-Empire area at Lady Sonia.

On a similar theme Lady Sonia has just released “Sex Slave Milked Dry”, where she uses a condom, a piece of sponge trimmed to size and a liberal amount of lubricant on her slave’s cock! Lady Sonia is nothing if not inventive and finding new ways to improve the range of her masturbatrix repertoire is what she is skilled at. Intrigued? Then you’ll find “Sex Slave Milked Dry” is now ready in the Fetish-Video-Empire area at Lady Sonia.

Lady Sonia is continuing her ‘medical’ theme and this time it is ‘you’ who gets the treatment at the hands of her Ladyship in “Sonia & The Secret Hospital Visit”. Yes, this is another of her popular ‘one-to-one’ videos where she talks directly to you! This time Lady Sonia wants you to imagine that you are in a hospital bed, feeling bored and sexually frustrated and in walks her Ladyship to give you some much needed relief! Let Lady Sonia be your secret hospital visitor and enjoy a private session with her in “Sonia & The Secret Hospital Visit”. See a video sample from this movie in the updates here at Lady Sonia.

Finally I’d just like to mention that Lady Sonia has recently added a brand new “Stockinged Feet” photo set into the Fetish-Office area. This is a real treat for all foot and stocking lovers as she lets us get close up to her seamed stockinged feet!

Find out more about “Sex Slave Milked Dry”, “Panty Slave Ridden” and “Sonia & The Secret Hospital Visit”, plus more exciting and explicit movie releases in the updates area here at Lady Sonia.